Every Man’s Simplified Guide for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

What can be more indulging than a stunning diamond for your beloved? Diamond engagement rings come in all sorts of designs, and there’s something for every budget. However, when it comes to buying diamonds, most men have their confusions, because they are never sure what their lady would appreciate.  More than that, one needs to be sure that the ring is worth the value that’s asked by the dealer. Below, we have listed down the aspects that may come handy.

  1. Know the 4Cs. The 4Cs of diamonds are cut, clarity, carat and colour. The more colourless or transparent the diamond is, the higher will be the price. The clarity of the diamond signifies the number of inclusions, which may not be visible to the naked eye, but matters for the pricing. The carat isn’t about the size of the diamond as many believe but refers to the weight. Eventually, the settings and cut of the diamond makes a huge difference. A well-cut diamond will be dazzling and is meant to reflect light is the best ways, even if the size or colour isn’t of the highest degree.
  2. The metal, design and settings. If you talk to New Zealand’s diamond engagement ring specialists, you will realize that most of them vouch for solitaire rings, which remain the favourite of couples. The prong setting is also popular, because it keeps the diamond above the band and makes it look more stunning. As for the metal, yellow or white gold are ideal choices, although many people now prefer platinum for its amazing beauty and value. Rose gold solitaire rings are also quite popular. The design is more of a personal choice. Solitaire rings are classic and can be practical for regular wear, while the multiple-diamond settings work as a trendy choice.
  3. The budget. Eventually, the budget of the buyer matters. If you would want your girl to flaunt the ring, going for a bigger solitaire diamond is a good thought. Of course, you can choose to forego one of the Cs for others. For example, a colourless diamond will be a lot cheaper if the carat weight isn’t huge.

Consider what you can afford and check at least a few designs. Round and princess cut diamonds are traditional choices for engagement rings, but you can also check for the oval, emerald and pear cut, depending on the personal liking and preference of your lover.