The Footwear Rules to Live by 

Not all shoes are the same. Many people mistakenly think the price of shoes dictate the quality. That is not always of the case. High-end, or luxury, shoes like Charis & Doxa Luxury Shoes are different than average shoes. Luxury shoes are different because designers use higher-end quality material when constructing the shoes.
This causes the shoes to last longer. Another difference between high and low quality shoes is name recognition. Average shoes often do not have the same brand recognition. Regardless of the type of shoes a person chooses, they should follow the correct footwear rules:

  1. Wear the correct shoes of the occasion. The most common mistake is that men and women will often wear the wrong shoes with an outfit. For instance, they may up, but wear running shoes. Running shoes have a purpose. They protect feet while doing some type of activity such as running or playing sports. Boots have a purpose. They are for work, cold weather or rough terrain. Shoes must highlight the outfit. Wearing the wrong shoes distracted from the outfit.
  2. Never put comfort and fit over style. Shoes must be comfortable and fit a person’s feet. Unfortunately, people choose the style of shoe over how they fit. For example, a woman with wide feet should not be stuffing their feet into narrow shoes. This causes her feet to hurt or an injury. Wearing shoes is all about comfort. Style comes second. No one should be holding their shoes while they are walking from an event because their feet hurt.
  3. Invest in quality shoes. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of shoes. However, it does not make sense to buy cheap shoes. They are often constructed with glue and raw materials. It is a waste of money. Pick a winning strategy. Invest in quality footwear that is made with quality materials.
  4. Take Care of Shoes. The art of keeping shoes for a long time is not to wear them less. It involves learning how to care for shoes. For instance, if an individual shoes, they should learn how to shine them. Also, learn how to waterproof shoes to protect the shoes from looking worn because of the rain and snow.
  5. When in doubt about shoe style keep it conservative. When shopping for an event, a person may be in doubt about which style of shoe to pick. It is good to spend money on shoes that are conservative, less edgy. Edgy shoes are often outdated within a couple of months. This means it is a waste of money.

Shoes are Always a Separate Part of the Wardrobe
Shoes are separate from clothing and accessories a person chooses to wear to work, with friends or on a special occasion. Shoes are the visual end point of an outfit. This means they should highlight an outfit, not distract from it. Thus, it is helpful to always follow footwear rules to make an outfit look great.

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