5 Tricks to Look Taller…Using Just Your Clothing

Which woman doesn’t want to add a few more inches to her frame? While it is not physically possible, you can make it happen with some illusory clothing tricks.

Is there a petite woman in the world who does not wish to magically have longer legs? But since that’s just a dream, here are 5 ways to look taller with women’s clothes:

1 Wear high waisted pants.

High waisted pants create the illusion of longer legs by fixing the eye level for the waist above your actual waist line. This trick works best with women who have small waists and hips, though if you have a fuller figure, you can opt for a sleeveless top to offset the width of your torso. Style icon and fashion designer Victoria Beckham often uses this trick when she poses for pap shots.

2 Choose minis to elongate your legs.

This is the oldest trick in women’s clothes for the petite. Wearing a mini skirt immediately gives the illusion of longer legs. However, there is one more extension to this hack. Wear nude pumps to match your skin tone and your legs will appear even longer. Cinch the skirt with a thin belt, and wear a fitted blouse to keep the silhouette straight and clean. Even fitted cotton shorts can perform the same function if you want a more casual approach.

3 Wide legged pants do the trick.

Another trick in women’s clothes for petite girls, is to wear wide legged pants – another tip we’ve picked up from Victoria Beckham. Wide legged pants are cinched at the waist, often detailed with a bow on the belt to emphasise the waist’s dimensions. Meanwhile, the pants legs are flared and stopping just short of the calves or ankles. Culottes and palazzos are great examples of this trend, but make sure that the pants stop above the ankles and not go all the way down to the feet. Finish with a fitted blouse and strappy heels.

4 Go vertical.

Vertical stripes have always been used in women’s clothes to create an illusion of slimness, but they are also great for creating a visual frame for height. Pick a fitted dress with vertical stripes from top to hem. This style is preferable with sleeveless dresses, as sleeves extending below the elbow tend to take away the illusion of height. Wear solid black pumps or closed toe wedges, and pile your hair into a bun to complete your look.

5 Colour block from top to toe.

Mixing colours tends to shorten your frame, which is the opposite of the effect you wish to create. When trying to add inches to your frame, opt for a colour block from top to toe. This means that your clothing, accessories and shoes should all be the exact same colour to promote a visual continuity from your head to your feet – and thus make you appear taller than you really are.